Release Notes – Client Version 5.6

General information
Release Date: Jan 17th, 2012
This version includes a CoSign client version and version 6.0 of the CoSign add-on for Microsoft SharePoint.

The CoSign add-in for SharePoint v6.0 is based on CoSign client version 5.6.

The version includes a new CoSign User Guide, a new CoSign SAPI guide, and a new CoSign for SharePoint guide.

Highlights include:
  • Support digitally signing InfoPath 2007/2010 forms using InfoPath 2007/2010 application.
  • Signing InfoPath 2007/2010 forms using SAPI and SAPI-COM.
  • Signing InfoPath 2007/2010 forms through CoSign add-on for Microsoft SharePoint.
  • CoSign add-on for SharePoint v6.0 enables viewing PDF documents embedded inside the SharePoint web application during the signature operation. It is also possible to graphically create a new signature field during the digital signature operation.
  • Improvements in the graphical signature management utility in terms of the quality of the images as well as additional functionality such as downloading all graphical signatures from the CoSign appliance to the end user’s local disk.

New features and fixes

  • It is now possible to capture or upload a monochrome graphical signature and change its color after capturing.
  • The quality of the graphical signature while capturing was improved.
  • The http proxy configuration in the CoSign client supports servers that use HTTP version 1.1.
  • The CoSign Configuration utility can export configurations for 64-bit operating systems in addition to the existing 32-bit operating systems.


  • Digital signatures created by Adobe Acrobat 10.1 and higher and based on SHA2 algorithms can now be validated with SAPI or OmniSign.

ARX Legacy Add-in

  • While signing a table that has merged cells and location and size of table and objects are required in the scope of the signature, there is a signature verification problem. The problem is now fixed.
  • When using protected forms in Word, there were cases where existing digital signature were invalidated. This problem was fixed.

ARX Signature Line Provider for Office 2007/2010

  • Microsoft invalidates Excel 2007-based digital signatures that are based on formulas when opening the signed fields in Excel 2010. If the CoSign Client or CoSign Verifier is installed, the problem is bypassed. For information how to bypass the problem, contact ARX.


  • The problem where after signing a TIF file, you are not able to view the file using the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, was fixed.

CoSign Add-on for Microsoft SharePoint

  • When signing .docx or .xlsx documents, the list of profiles are based on the Suggested Signer field and not the technical identity of the signature field.

Known problems/limitations/warnings

  • The former support for InfoPath 2000/2003 was removed from the CoSign client. This also includes the form designer functionality that was invoked from the CoSign control panel.
  • The new feature for downloading images to the local hard disk using the graphical signature management utility does not support Unicode based graphical signature name.
  • 16-bit bmp images cannot be used as graphical signatures.
  • When selecting a font in the SAPI/Graphical Signatures section in the CoSign configuration utility, any Font Style selection is neglected, so the user will need to specify it one used.


  • In case an InfoPath template has been used to fill-in and sign a specific form, and later the template itself has been updated, the signature on the signed form will remain valid, i.e. the SAPI Signature Verification function will reply with a success. However, the extended signature information will alert via error code, that the general template for this form has been changed.

ARX Legacy Add-in

  • If you include Location and Sizes of Tables and Objects in Word and the digital signature is based on Client version 5.6, you need to use either CoSign client version 5.6 or CoSign verifier version 5.6 to validate the digital signature.
  • After signing/validating protected documents, it is not possible to edit a text or rich text field. This is due to a Microsoft problem when an ActiveX item is selected prior to signature or signature validation operation. Reopening the document solves the problem. Contact ARX for more information.
  • Due to the new support of signing merged table cells in Word, there might be a performance problem if there are many cells in the table.


  • When one-touch signature is used, there is a problem positioning the signature field in the cases that a user is required to log on during signature field creation. This also happens when using an electronic signature.

ARX Signature Line Provider for Office 2007/2010

  • When using Office 2007 to verify signed files that were created either by using Microsoft signature line provider or ARX signature line provider, it may take several minutes to open the signed file on a terminal server. The problem does not occur when using Office 2010.

CoSign Add-on for Microsoft SharePoint

  • A user that is required to sign or verify documents or forms needs to have permissions to the document/form library and the files or else either the user will not be able to use the CoSign ribbon or perform signature/verification operations.
  • If you upload InfoPath forms that are based on local templates or templates that are located in other form libraries, the digital signature operation may be validated although the digital signature operation was completed based on a different document template or different document template version. Therefore it is recommended to upload InfoPath forms to their origin library.
  • If you have a long list of signed items, when pressing the “verify all” operation, you will need to make sure that all items are validated by inspecting all of the items.
  • If you Save as a doc/docx/xlsx document from SharePoint, when you reload the document again to MS SharePoint it will be marked for automatic validation although the automatic validation is turned off.