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Thread: Use ENG Seal as signature?

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    Use ENG Seal as signature?

    I work for an engineering company I was wondering if I can remove the date and time and my name from the signature so it will only show my professional ENG seal as the signature, this is very important for me since this is an internal policy for us to use only the seal as a signature.

    Is it possible?

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    Hi Greyson ,

    The date and time as well as the signers name can be easily removed from the signature . it can be done in the following way ( I will use a PDF as an example but office is the same settings wise ) .

    · First create a new graphical signature and use your engineering seal , in my example I have used a standard sample seal .

    • Open the CoSign Control Panel by clicking Start > Programs > ARX CoSign > CoSign Control Panel
    • To add graphical signatures, choose the Graphical Signatures icon from the control panel
    • In the Graphical Signature Management application, click “+New Signature…”
    • Enter a Signature name, and select the Image button. Then, click Create.
    • Select an image capturing technique from the list that appears in your case it would be simply to upload the seal .
    • Hit save and close the CoSign control panel

    · Now when you have the PDF ready for signing from OmniSign add a signature field right click it and select settings .
    · In the appearance parameters the only parameter that should be checked is the “graphical signature”


    · Now hit sign and select the graphical signature that we have previously uploaded ( the seal ) .

    The end result will look like this :


    Greyson i hope this is what you are trying to achieve , if you have any more questions feel free to ask



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    Sorry for the long delay
    I tested this and everything works as intended.

    Thank you.

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    Be careful with your seals - Many states require that the digital seal size is exactly the same size as the physical stamp. Cosign will automatically ignore whitespace in your seal's jpg and resize the seal to fit the allocated space. I had to do a bit of jerry rigging to get the seal sizes to not autosize. Here's how I did it:

    In Omnisign's Digital Signature settings tab, set the graphical signature location to Top. In the General tab, set the wisth to 144 (2") and the height to 198(2.75") Set the date to MMM d yyyy. The reason for 2.75" height is that Cosign dedicates the bottom 1/2" or so for the date, time, cosign logo, etc. That leaves enough room for your 2" seal (the biggest seals are 2" dia.) and a little for any signature that hangs below the seal.

    I then made a copy of the stamped seal and scanned it into Photoshop. (if you don't have photoshop, try using! - it's free and very much like Photoshop) I made sure that the image (canvas) was 2.25" high and 2" wide with a white background. I made a small dot in the top right and another in the bottom right corner. Make sure the signature doesn't extend more than 1/4" below the seal. Cosign will try to resize your image to fit the 2" wide area you designated in the Omnisign settings tab, but those dots force cosign to resize your 2" wide image to 2"!! Save the image as a jpg, and use it as your graphical signature. You'll end up with a 2.75" high by 2" wide signature box with a seal in the top 2", the signature on and below the seal up to 1/4" and about 1/2" of date and the Cosign logo.

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    The part about how to make the seal the same size worked absolutely great. They came out EXACTLY at the size they should be. I was able to scan, mark up, edit and then load the signatures with a minimum of muss and fuss. So, I made myself a little template so I can do the other 50 seals tomorrow without a big to-do.

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