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Thread: legality question

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    legality question

    Hello all,
    I wanted to know which countries/states are digital signatures legal on

    Thank you

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    Hi Ross,
    In recent years, most countries worldwide have adopted legislation and regulations that recognize the legality of a digital signature (standard electronic signatures) and deem it a binding signature. In addition to governments, many industries have established regulations (e.g., FDA 21 CFR Part 11 in the Life Sciences industry) that define digital signatures as a replacement for handwritten signatures.

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    I know this is late, but I figure that it's worth a reply anyhow. Arx used to have a web page that directed users to each state's rules, but that page has been replaced by a page that directs the user to .gov pages that say that digital signatures are legally enforceable. I think someone at Arx made a non sequitur by thinking that since a digital signature is enforcable then it must also be accepted. This page might cause some to think that all states will accept digital signatures of engineering seals. Most states allow digital signatures but many don't. It gets more confusing after that - some jurisdictions won't allow digital signatures in states that allow them and (bizarrely) some jurisdictions demand digital signatures in states that expressly forbid them. Some states say electronic signatures are OK and others say digital (I think they both really mean digital), some mention that the signature needs to be invalidated or removed if a change is made and some seem to allow a non-protected digital stamp of your seal and signature to be placed on the PDF (which sounds a lot like a loss of control of your seal to me...). You really need to verify whether or not they will be accepted on a case by case basis. This whole engineering digital signature mess feels a lot like the wild west...

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    I work at ARX. I'd like to help clarify the pervading confusion about legally enforceable and what is accepted concerning digital signatures. On a federal level - digital signatures are legally enforceable. At the state level, the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), passed by 48 US States, provides much the same protections to electronic signatures and records. (The remaining 2 states have other legislation covering electronic signatures.) The next level concerns the semi-regulated industries such as construction engineering. Here the Professional Engineering associations, one by one, are recognizing digital signatures and seals. Today over 40 states recognize digital seals and signatures. Many of the 10 remaining state PEs are in the process of doing so. What's more there is a growing number of corporate, government and industry associations who are lobbying in favor of digital processes, including digital seals and signatures. Amongst them the AIA, Fiatech and more.
    To date ARX has engineering organization customers with offices across the US that are actively using CoSign digital signatures. They have chosen to do so, because they realize the cost saving, time saving, space saving and carbon footprint reduction benefits outweigh feet-dragging decision processes of a few remaining states PE boards. Should anyone want more information concerning specific states, we would be more than happy to provide information and further service and support. Please feel free to query. Thank you,

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    Hi, Amit and Debbie thanks for giving nice reply

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