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Thread: Automatically sign pdf documents

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    Automatically sign pdf documents


    As far as I understand, signing a document it's a manual process. Can be done automatically? (without user interaction).
    We have this scenario where in a web application users can create pdf documents. I wander if it's possible when document is created to be automatically signed with user credentials?

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    Yes, it can using SAPI. SAPI is a simple to use API employed as a wrapper over the standard Cryptographic APIs (CAPI and PKCS#11). The SAPI SDK provides a simple option for integrating CoSign with non-PKI-aware applications.

    Standard APIs and ARX's Signature API (SAPI)
    MS CAPI, PKCS#11, and JCA are standard cryptographic APIs that can be used for integrating digital signatures within applications. These APIs are all supported out-of-the-box by CoSign.
    SAPI, or Signature API, is a signature-centric set of functions programmers can use to easily enhance their applications with digital and graphical signatures, without requiring previous knowledge and experience with public-key cryptography.
    Standard APIs can be used to enhance an application with digital signature support, but SAPI offers a simple and more dedicated digital signature approach. In addition to the simplicity, SAPI offers added functionality such as support for graphical signatures; that is, the ability to capture and add the graphical image of the hand-written signature (or scanned images including seals, logos, etc.) into the application.

    SAPI Functionality

    • Sign/validate signatures within supported file types such as PDF, TIF, and Office 2007 files
    • Sign/validate application data
    • Enumerate/manage certificates
    • Manage graphical signatures
    • Manage users (Add, Delete, etc.)...
    • And more

    SAPI Language Support
    SAPI can be called through:

    • C DLL
    • COM Object
    • Web Services

    Supported languages:

    • C/C++
    • VB
    • Delphi
    • .NET
    • JavaScript
    • All languages and platforms that run SOAP clients such as Java, .NET, PHP, Unix platforms, and more.

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