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CoSign Appliance 7.5
CoSign Client 7.5


In addition to several features that improve security for users and administrators, this version includes an upgrade of CoSign Web App, which adds the ability to digitally sign Word and Excel documents online in their native format without the need to convert them to PDF files.

Also in this update is the Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) feature, which enables organizations using CoSign Central and CoSign Cloud to utilize the ADFS single sign-on environment.

Another new feature is the upgraded CoSign Signature API, which provides an easy-to-use REST protocol for quickly integrating digital signatures with applications written in any software language on any application platform.

The release of version 7.5 also includes the CoSign mobile app for Android and iOS

The CoSign mobile app enables end users to sign via a mobile application. The mobile app currently supports signing PDF files. The CoSign mobile app interfaces with the CoSign Appliance through the CoSign RESTful API.

Please refer to the CoSign User Guide for more information.

Note: Customers with a valid maintenance contract are eligible to receive software updates free of charge. Please contact the support team for more information.