The Most Secure Web-based Signature Solution

CoSign Web App enables you to accelerate your workflows even further by providing comprehensive access – any time, in any location, from any computer or mobile device. Everyone, including partners, customers and other collaborators, can easily add digital signatures to their PDF, Word and Excel documents without having to install software.

CoSign ensures maximum security for your documents – they never leave your organization’s IT systems with CoSign Central, and they are never stored on the cloud service for more than the few seconds it takes for them to be processed with CoSign Cloud.

  • Add one or more signatures to your PDF, Word and Excel documents.
  • Upload your documents from your computer or mobile device or from your cloud storage service (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive or Onedrive).
  • Determine the location and size of your signature box/es and your signature’s appearance (graphical signature, name, title, date & time, reason for signing, etc.)
  • Add as many personal graphical signatures as you want by sketching (fingers/mouse), typing (using a variety of fonts), or uploading (from your device/computer).
  • When you’re finished, simply download the signed copy back to your computer/device or send it via email.
  • You can also sign from within Google Drive and Box by right-clicking on your document and selecting the appropriate action.