The Only Digital Signature Solution Fully Integrated with SharePoint

SharePoint_2013The CoSign Connector for SharePoint is the only digital signature solution that is seamlessly integrated with SharePoint. Adding digital signatures to SharePoint keeps approval-based workflows electronic from start to finish, streamlining processes while saving time and money. The connector is an add-on product purchased in addition to CoSign Central. It is included with the CoSign Cloud Premium Package.

  • Easily sign, verify, approve, accept and audit documents, list items and records that are centrally located on the SharePoint server via a web browser, without installing any software on the client machine.
  • Add digital signatures to all major document types including WordPDF, Excel, and InfoPath.
  • Digitally sign SharePoint documents via desktop, laptop, web browser and mobile devices.
  • Comply with regulations worldwide, meeting the needs of organizations in even the most tightly-regulated industries.
  • SharePoint Designer can be used to add digital signatures to workflows.
  • Works with third-party SharePoint workflow solutions such as K2 and Nintex workflow.


Even without the Connector, CoSign provides users with a rich set of digital signature features for Word, Excel and PDF documents managed by SharePoint servers. Users can sign any document type with CoSign prior to checking it into SharePoint, and can also sign PDF documents and save them back to SharePoint servers in one step. See the configurations page for more information.

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