CoSign Fully Compliant Across the U.S. and Globally

Digital signatures and seals are legally enforceable across the U.S. following the ESIGN (Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce) Act enacted in June 2000. In the European Union, digital signatures are legally enforceable following the EU Directive for Electronic Signatures (1999/93/EC). Learn more about digital signature regulatory compliance.

In the U.S., the Professional Engineering Board (P.E. Board) of each state determines the compliance of a professional engineer’s digital seal and signature on final original documents. The vast majority of P.E. Boards recognize digital signatures and seals specifically for signing and sealing documents and drawings. Many federal and local government engineering departments have identified digital signatures as the most reliable and secure option, and as the only acceptable, legally enforceable electronic signature.

 Legislation on Digital Signatures in the US and Worldwide

For additional information on other countries, visit the Digital Signature and Law Wikipedia page.

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