Integrating Digital Signatures into Web Applications

Organizations offering document-centric web applications that require signing can benefit greatly from offering digital signatures as part of their service. By eliminating the need to print documents from the web application for the sole purpose of providing a signature, they can significantly improve the user experience, shorten process times and cut related costs.

Digital signatures answer a crucial need for web applications: they enable end-users to efficiently, reliably and securely sign and submit electronic contracts, forms, and any other document type in a matter of minutes. In addition, the signed content they generate is verifiable and trusted by recipients around the world.

Best-in-class digital signature solutions offer many benefits for organizations providing web applications including:

  • Seamless integration into the business processes of each web application
  • Guaranteeing the signer’s identity and intent, as well as document integrity
  • Compatible with all major document types such as PDF, Word, Excel and more
  • Anytime anywhere access to the signature functionality from any device

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