Adding Digital Signatures to Your SharePoint Documents

SharePoint is used in industries and organizations across the world, but in order to get the documents held within it signed, users still have to print and then appropriately route them to gather the signatures. This creates an expensive and time-consuming process that has to be repeated again and again for each and every document.

CoSign digital signatures provide the ideal alternative: as legally-binding as “wet” signatures, they allow you to easily sign any document type from directly within SharePoint. This process, which can be seamlessly integrated into existing workflows, helps reduce paper-related costs and cuts down the time wasted gathering signatures.

CoSign offers the only digital signature solution that is seamlessly integrated with SharePoint. It is simple, scalable and quick-to-deploy, allowing you to automate your approvals and ensure data integrity. CoSign creates globally acceptable digital signatures that enable anyone to verify the signer’s identity and intent, as well as to ensure the document’s integrity since it was signed.

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