Managing Paperless Contracts with Digital Signatures

Contract management can become a complex, expensive and time-consuming affair for large enterprises that try to effectively control the sales cycle and improve their close ratios. Although electronic contract management systems can reduce paperwork and delays, signature requests disrupt the process and increase costs by reinserting paper into an otherwise digital workflow.

Digital signatures help enterprises maintain the integrity of the electronic contracting process, eliminating the obstacles to achieving the efficiencies they seek. By incorporating digital signatures and eliminating paper from contract execution processes, organizations are able to shorten opportunity-to-close timeframes and reduce points of friction.

Digital signature solutions are the ideal solution for organizations that want to add the last step to their automated contract lifecycle management in order to shorten cycle times, reduce costs and finally realize the full benefits of a truly electronic process:

  • Fully integrated into existing contract management systems and related processes
  • Support all contract types, whether non-negotiable, negotiable or sales-driven
  • Maintains proof of signer identity/intent and content integrity within the contract itself
  • Supports audit and governance requirements by providing an effective means for clearing up questions regarding who signed, when they signed, and why they signed
  • Eliminate the time-consuming steps of printing, manually signing, routing, storing, scanning, and reloading scanned contracts into the system

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