Affordably Automate Your Signature-dependent Processes

With the simple, scalable and easy-to-deploy CoSign solution, you can affordably automate your signature-dependent workflows. Two implementation options are available – CoSign Central (server-based) and CoSign Cloud (SaaS-based) – both offering fully featured digital signature functionality (detailed in the features section).

The ROI (Return-on-Investment) for both options is rapid and easy to calculate. In fact, a recent report showed that 81% of digital signature users reached ROI in under 12 months by saving on scanning, copying and routing time, speeding up approval process times, and saving on paper handling costs. Indirect costs are incurred when employees spend their valuable time printing, manually signing, and routing documents, causing delays and inefficiencies, not to mention significant organizational costs.

In terms of direct costs, it is estimated that each paper signature costs an organization more than $5 in associated expenses, such as paper, printing, signing, scanning, routing, archiving and replacing lost documents. Based on actual log data of CoSign customers, on average, an authorized signer signs two documents per day, bringing the paper-based costs per signer to nearly $2,500 per year. This figure is much higher for organizations that are subject to extensive regulatory requirements, have multiple locations and/or field staff that need to submit formal reports or contracts.

To calculate the ROI that your organization can expect by deploying a digital signature solution, download our digital signature ROI white paper and Excel spreadsheet. The white paper provides:

  • A framework for calculating the costs associated with paper-based approval processes
  • A framework for calculating the ROI on digital signature implementation
  • An Excel template you can use to calculate your own expected ROI

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