Seamless Integration of Digital Signatures with Nintex Workflow

The CoSign Connector for Nintex is a flexible and efficient solution for developers and administrators who want to add digital signatures to their SharePoint workflow processes. The software enables easy and seamless integration of fully featured digital signature capabilities, including secure signature credentials and graphical signatures, with business processes based on SharePoint.

By handling the entire user signing experience, the CoSign Connector for Nintex enables high-quality integration for all types of workflows. Based on the user’s SharePoint workflow, documents can be signed using pre-determined or dynamically located signature fields. Architects, professional engineers and other licensed professionals can include a seal with their signature.

The connector supports workflow-controlled auto-signing of documents and signature verification. These workflow actions enable new types of automatic document handling. For example, a workflow can automatically examine a document to see who has already signed it, and then sign the document on behalf of a person as needed and as authorized.
Signing workflows can easily be extended to automatically process, examine and sign batches of documents.

The connector provides two custom actions and a custom task for Nintex, enabling users to add signature tasks to workflows with a simple drag-and-drop operation. The custom Sign with CoSign task enables users to accept, delegate, or reject incoming signature task requests.

Prerequisites and compatibility information: The connector requires CoSign Connector for SharePoint, SharePoint, and Nintex Workflow. CoSign Central or CoSign Cloud is also needed. The connector supports both Nintex Workflow 2013 and Nintex Workflow 2010. It supports on-premises versions of SharePoint and Nintex.

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