Yale University goes paperless

When Ivy League Goes Paperless

An article about the wonders of going paperless (called “The Path to Paperless: Save Money”) describes what happened when Yale University discovered that in 2011 alone, it had consumed a mind-boggling 211,033 reams of paper. Just to illustrate what this means…

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What is CoSign?

What is CoSign?

Not surprisingly, our support team is almost always asked the following question: What is CoSign? CoSign is a solution that takes digital signature functionality to a higher level. By embedding the standard-based signature technology directly into mainstream business applications, CoSign makes…

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South Carolina Department of Transportation CoSign Case Study

CoSign Keeps SCDOT Up to Speed

For years, employees of the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) primarily signed physical paper documents and occasionally made use of simple graphical signatures by, for example, inserting images of their signatures into digital documents. Engineers were especially burdened because…

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Legal IT Professionals interview

10 Minutes on Digital Signatures for Legal

Legal IT Professionals, a leading global source of independent legal technology news, information and expert commentary, recently featured a 10-minute interview with ARX CEO, Dr. Gadi Aharoni. During the interview, which was conducted by Legal IT Professionals head, Rob Ameerun,…

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Digital signature

How Do I Start Signing?

One of the support questions we hear most often is: How do I start signing with CoSign? Before you start signing, you need to decide which CoSign product best suits your organization’s needs. Here’s some background information: CoSign Central meets…

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