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T-Systems Company Intervate forms partnership with ARX

Intervate, a T-Systems Company, Now Offering the CoSign Connector for SharePoint in South Africa

ARX has joined forces with Intervate, a T-Systems company, Gold Microsoft Partner and specialist provider of Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions. Intervate will distribute ARX’s flagship CoSign Connector for SharePoint, the only digital signature solution that is seamlessly integrated with both SharePoint Server and Office…

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What is CoSign?

What is CoSign?

Not surprisingly, our support team is almost always asked the following question: What is CoSign? CoSign is a solution that takes digital signature functionality to a higher level. By embedding the standard-based signature technology directly into mainstream business applications, CoSign makes…

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South Carolina Department of Transportation CoSign Case Study

CoSign Keeps SCDOT Up to Speed

For years, employees of the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) primarily signed physical paper documents and occasionally made use of simple graphical signatures by, for example, inserting images of their signatures into digital documents. Engineers were especially burdened because…

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Legal IT Professionals interview

10 Minutes on Digital Signatures for Legal

Legal IT Professionals, a leading global source of independent legal technology news, information and expert commentary, recently featured a 10-minute interview with ARX CEO, Dr. Gadi Aharoni. During the interview, which was conducted by Legal IT Professionals head, Rob Ameerun,…

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Digital signature

How Do I Start Signing?

One of the support questions we hear most often is: How do I start signing with CoSign? Before you start signing, you need to decide which CoSign product best suits your organization’s needs. Here’s some background information: CoSign Central meets…

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ARX achieves ISO 27001:2005 certification

ARX Achieves ISO 27001:2005 Certification

ARX is pleased to announce that it is now compliant with the stringent ISO 27001:2005 standard, an international standard that defines best practice procedures in the area of organizational information security, including ongoing assessment of risks (threats, vulnerabilities and impacts),…

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Happy Holidays from ARX

Sign On for a Happy New Year!

Wow, how time flies – 2014 is just around the corner. Looking back, 2013 was a great year for digital signatures. We’re seeing more and more organizations becoming aware of the benefits they can gain from using digital signatures to…

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Digital signatures in law firms

Law Firms: Tech-savvy or Ivy League?

Nowadays, tech-savvy lawyers may be more appealing and valuable to clients than lawyers with ivy degrees. According to the Law Technology News article “Efficiency Is the New Legal Pedigree”, “technology-savvy law firms can often trump competitors who come to beauty…

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Stackoverflow and CoSign

Hello, StackOverflow!

The CoSign product line includes CoSign Central, CoSign Cloud and CoSign Connectors, plus our family of Signature Application Programming Interfaces (SAPI). SAPI enables developers to easily integrate CoSign digital signatures with commercial software products and internal applications. Developers interested in…

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CoSign by ARX for BOX

CoSign by ARX for Box

The Secure Way to Sign on the Go In virtually every industry, enterprises use Box to collaborate and manage their documents. Millions of these documents require signatures to convey approval, acceptance, agreement, acknowledgement, confirmation, etc. If you choose to print…

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CoSign Cloud

Privacy in the Cloud is Possible!

The privacy of business transactions in the Internet Age is one of the most hotly discussed issues at the moment, and is indeed a real concern when enterprises consider and evaluate moving to cloud-based services. Privacy is of particular concern…

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Digital Signatures at ILTA

ARX was very excited to be part of the ILTA events that took place in Chicago last month. The ILTA SharePoint Symposium drew a crowd of legal IT professionals who were eager to explore ways to achieve optimal results from…

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The Power of Three

Business organizations worldwide are constantly looking for ways to transact faster and reduce the time and cost of doing business. There are three key technologies that should be taken into account when seeking to achieve the greatest positive impact in…

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ARX and DocuSign Team Up!

New DocuSign Digital Certificates, Powered by CoSign, Offer Customers More Secure Signing Options Following a long-standing relationship, we now have an even deeper partnership with DocuSign that makes CoSign-driven standard digital signatures available to the more than 37 million people…

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Itagile and CoSign

Italy Embraces CoSign Digital Signatures

Gianni Sandrucci of Itagile was seeking a PKI-based, secure digital signature solution that was suitable for bulk signing. He says: “I started searching for a solution that combines both software and server-based hardware. No company met my selection criteria except…

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CoSign by ARX to be Qualified as SSCD

CoSign is expected to be formally declared as an SSCD (Secure Signature Creation Device) ARX (Algorithmic Research), the leading global provider of standard digital signature solutions, is currently undergoing Common Criteria EAL4+ certification for CoSign, its flagship product, at the…

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CoSign training sessions

Free CoSign Training Sessions

The CoSign digital signatures solution has a lot to offer. We frequently conduct customer training sessions to enable you to get the most out of your CoSign solution. As we are constantly upgrading our products to meet your evolving needs,…

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Gadi Aharoni, CEO of ARX

Looking Forward to 2013

An end-of-the-year interview with Gadi Aharoni, CEO of ARX Gadi Aharoni, Ph.D., CEO of ARX (Algorithmic Research) since 2001, gazes back with satisfaction at the years past and looks forward with anticipation to those yet to come. And with good…

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Announcing Digital Signatures in the Cloud

If you’ve been looking for an easy-to-use cloud-based digital signature solution to quickly automate your signature-dependent processes, your search is over! With CoSign Cloud, the new digital signature SaaS solution from ARX, you no longer have to settle for unsecure…

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Digital Signatures at GxPi

I’m thrilled to share our very first guest post, brought to us by Keith Williams, CEO of GxPi. GxPi is a leader in compliant SharePoint®-based content management and quality and compliance consulting services within the life sciences industry. Here’s what…

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ShareFEST 2012

Meet us at ShareFEST!

There’s only one month to go until ShareFEST, and we can hardly wait! The premier SharePoint conference for Life Sciences brings hundreds of people together from hundreds of organizations around the world, including Pharma companies, device manufacturers, and biotech firms.…

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CoSign Digital Signatures Training

Inside Look: CoSign Digital Signatures

ARX is leaping into March with a number of complimentary 60-minute training sessions on the CoSign® digital signature solution. These are a great opportunity to get an in-depth look at the leading digital signing engine that’s being used by tens…

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Digital Signatures with Electronic Lab Notebooks

The FDA is now approving fewer new drugs than ever before. For life sciences organizations, this means gains have to be generated from other areas, like operations and management efficiencies that cut costs and streamline operations. Enter electronic lab notebooks…

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Digital Signatures and Digital Seals: A Guide for AEC

Hey folks! I’m back with some exciting news about a project called Digital Seals and Signatures that ARX, provider of the leading CoSign® digital signature solution, is participating in. It’s headed by Fiatech, an organization that works to advance the…

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Growing Digital Signature use in AEC

A new digital signature user recently told me about how the engineers in his company were initially reluctant to switch to paperless signatures. “They tend to be more cautious with their signatures,” he said. But their hesitations quickly subsided when…

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ProLaw and digital signatures

Digital Signatures and ProLaw Enhance the Business of Law

If you thought the Legal industry was behind on the transition to electronic (seems to be where everyone’s headed nowadays, doesn’t it?), think again. Lawmakers and government agencies are stepping forth into the future of electronic processes, and one of…

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Doing More with Less using Digital Signatures

In these difficult economic times, it seems everyone is looking for ways to do more with less. This is especially the case in Local Government, where an abundance of paper-based processes involving parties across departments and locations incur considerable delays…

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New version CoSign 5.4

CoSign Digital Signatures version 5.4 is here

Listen up, people – I’ve got some exciting news! CoSign version 5.4, the latest update to ARX’s flagship digital signature solution, has arrived. The recent update offers a lot of new features and enhancements, including a redesigned graphical user interface…

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Earth Day and digital signatures

Going Paperless, Going Green

I recently came across a great column called “Katrina’s Corner: 30 Days of Green” on the Montville, CT Patch, an online publication that provides community-specific news and information about events, local businesses and more. In light of Earth Day, which…


Digital Signatures in Clinical Operations

As cheesy as it sounds, the thought of digital signatures in life sciences brings to mind the image of a group of people extending around the world, holding hands. Truthfully, it looks something like that when you think of the…

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Digital Signatures for SaaS Applications

In a way, building a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution is kind of like building a snowman. You gather your resources, neatly build certain parts on top of others, and finally add the finishing touches. But when it comes…

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Poll: Should Mobile Workers Use Digital Signatures?

I’ve been hearing a lot lately about the mobile workforce. New technologies are changing the shape of what was once known as ‘telecommuting’ and giving professionals never-before-had freedoms around how – and where – they work. And it’s pretty cool!…

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Digital Signatures for SharePoint 2010

Updates shmupdates. What’s the big deal, anyhow? I keep getting notifications on my iPhone about new updates for my wonderful, time-wasting applications (did anyone say Angry Birds?). But honestly, after spending the time downloading the updates I hardly ever notice…

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Digitally Sign in Excel – Free!

If you thought digital signatures weren’t for Excel, think again! With digital signature capability in Excel, you can place your secure and unique graphical signature anywhere on an Excel spreadsheet. Then, send off the spreadsheet to any third party, and…

Government and digital signatures

Digital Signatures: What took so long?

According to an article recently published on GCN (Government Computer News), the online authority for government IT professionals, one senior adviser at the National Institutes of Health thinks it’s high time for government and healthcare professionals to embrace digital signatures.…


Poll: Have you joined the digital signatures trend?

If you’ve been following this blog, then you’ve hopefully gained a good understanding of the types of benefits your business can experience from digital signatures. Among them are expedited business processes, reduced organizational costs, and improved collaboration and efficiency. Perhaps…

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AEC and digital signatures

Digital Signatures – Designing a New Kind of Engineering

What happens when engineering documentation and drawings are submitted and approved more quickly than ever? Clients are happier, houses and buildings go up faster, and new places to live, work and play are available sooner. With digital signatures, this reality…

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Heathvare and digital signatures

Digital Signature use in Healthcare

What happens when an organization with 17 different offices, which handles upwards of 10,000 paper documents a day, takes their workflow digital? If you’re interested in finding out, you’re welcome to check out this case study on the South Carolina…

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Digital signature certificates

Self-issued certificate? I think not!

There’s a reason that most enterprises (like corporations, banks, universities, etc.) have an HR or similar department for issuing employee IDs, or a customer-screening department to do the same for customers. These departments have been established to verify a person’s…

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CROs and digital signatures

Digital Signatures: Are they contagious?

With the rate digital signature use is spreading within industries and organizations, like clinical research organizations (CROs), it seems digital signatures ARE contagious! Honestly, it’s great to see people and organizations embracing technology for good reasons, especially when they’re up…

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ROI digital signatures

Digitally Sign $500,000 Back Into Your Pocket

It’s easy to understand why digital signatures can do our businesses a lot of good (through expedited processes, enhanced collaboration, eliminated paper-based costs, etc.). But even with this understanding, facing the step of purchasing a digital signature solution might still…

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