ARX Announces the Release of CryptoKit Version 4.3.0.

Jun 04, 2009

The new CryptoKit™ release provides users with new functionalities unavailable in previous versions.

San Francisco, California

ARX (Algorithmic Research), a leading provider of data security solutions, has released CryptoKit Version 4.3.0, enhancing the product’s ability to enable simple and convenient integration of data security features into any third-party application. The new release features two essential functionalities in support of Windows 64-bit platforms and basic MSI installation.
With Microsoft 64-bit platforms becoming more commonly accepted as a standard platform, CryptoKit 4.3.0’s support of 64-bit platforms ensures future compatibility with Microsoft products. When installed on a 64-bit operating system, CryptoKit 4.3.0 can also simultaneously support the use of 32 and 64-bit applications, a significant asset for integration processes. CryptoKit’s new 64-bit capacity also supports Smart Card log-on to 64-bit platforms.
The second key functionality the new release provides is CryptoKit’s new basic MSI installation. Basic MSI installation enables simple deployment via Active Directory group policy mechanisms or via centralized software distribution applications like Microsoft SMS.
“CryptoKit 4.3.0 continues ARX’s tradition of cutting-edge integration-based development tools for data security,” said Gadi Aharoni, CEO, ARX.
“EKM significantly enhances the value of PrivateServer HSM and provides additional incentives for organizations that are in the market for an HSM or increased security for their Microsoft SQL work,” said Gadi Aharoni, CEO, ARX.

About CryptoKit

CryptoKit is a set of cryptographic algorithms and development tools that enable simple and convenient integration of data security features into any third-party application. CryptoKit offers a high-level Application Programming Interface (API) that enables effective integration of data security functions into any application and transparent interoperability with all of ARX’s products. CryptoKit comes with full Microsoft Cryptographic API (CAPI) and PKCS#11 support to ensure interoperability with other security and cryptographic solutions and standard Java JCA implementation. Read more about Cryptokit.

About ARX – The Digital Signature Company

ARX (Algorithmic Research) is a global provider of cost-efficient digital signature solutions for industries such as life sciences, healthcare, government, engineering, and energy. ARX engineers and scientists have more than 20 years of experience in security and digital signature applications based on international standards. ARX helps businesses secure, streamline, and scale their processes and transactions with the proper controls required by legislation, regulation, and industry best practices. Learn more about us.

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