Ness Technologies Inks Partnership Agreement with ARX for Digital Signature Solutions

Nov 21, 2007, Eilat, Israel

ARX (Algorithmic Research), a leading global provider of digital signature (standard electronic signature) solutions, and Ness Technologies, a global provider of information technology services and solutions, announced today a partnership agreement, using CoSign Digital Signatures to seal the alliance, at the NessPRO Challenger Conference.

Shahar Efal, President of Ness Israel, said the combination of CoSign digital signature solutions with SAP and Documentum, represented by Ness Technologies Israel, will allow the company to extend the solutions offered to their customers. “I see this as a partnership between leading solution providers in the market: Ness Technologies being the largest IT company in Israel, ARX’s digital signatures solution and Documentum document management system all working together to provide a solution for SAP users”.

Gadi Aharoni, ARX’s CEO, said “the move to digital signatures will allow organizations to securely replace handwritten signatures and sign electronic documents with legally-binding electronic signatures, saving the costs and time associated with paper-based processes.”

Dedi Devorsky, Manager of NessPRO, Ness Technologies’ product distribution business, said they had chosen ARX for their proven business experience and knowledge of working with document management and workflow systems. “CoSign’s technology effortlessly integrates with Documentum and SAP, both represented by Ness Technologies in Israel. Ultimately, we envision for the local market customers successfully expediting business processes electronically with SAP and CoSign’s digital signature technology.”

“It is clear to us that digital signatures will eventually be in every business,” added Devorsky. “Paperless processes are the buzzwords heard in every office and digital signatures are the last hurdle to be conquered.”

The CoSign digital signature solution enables users to eliminate the need for printing and archiving signed documents. With CoSign, SAP users will be able to seamlessly sign documents in any document management and electronic workflow within SAP architecture. The CoSign digital signature solution supports all major applications and file formats, including: Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PDF, TIFF, AutoCAD, InfoPath and many more. Signing is simple with just a click and can be done directly from the desktop or any Web browser.

About Ness Technologies

Ness Technologies (NASDAQ: NSTC) is a global provider of end-to-end IT services and solutions designed to help clients improve competitiveness and efficiency. Ness specializes in outsourcing and offshore systems integration and application development, software and consulting and quality assurance and training. With 7,500 employees, Ness maintains operations in 17 countries and partners with numerous software and hardware vendors worldwide. For more information about Ness Technologies, visit

About CoSign Digital Signatures

ARX (Algorithmic Research) is a global provider of cost-efficient digital signature solutions for industries such as AEC, life sciences, healthcare, government, energy, and manufacturing. ARX CoSign is the market leading digital signature solution. CoSign digital signatures fully automate signature-dependent processes affordably and compliantly, allowing organizations to go paperless and save time and money. Compatible with major document types including Word, Excel, PDF, PDF/A, and IBM Forms, CoSign signatures are globally verifiable without requiring proprietary validation software. CoSign is also centrally managed by your organization for reliable control over signature privileges. Learn more about the CoSign digital signature solution.

About ARX – The Digital Signature Company

ARX (Algorithmic Research) is a global provider of cost-efficient digital signature solutions for industries such as life sciences, healthcare, government, engineering, and energy. ARX engineers and scientists have more than 20 years of experience in security and digital signature applications based on international standards. ARX helps businesses secure, streamline, and scale their processes and transactions with the proper controls required by legislation, regulation, and industry best practices. Learn more about us.

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