ARX – The Digital Signature Company

ARX is the leading provider of digital signature solutions with millions of people using its flagship CoSign solution around the world. The company’s customers use CoSign to streamline and secure their business processes. They quickly create highly efficient signature-dependent processes that considerably lower their paper-related costs, while ensuring full compliance with strict industry regulations, country-specific legislation and exacting technical standards.

Led by a highly experienced management team, the company’s goal is to place CoSign digital signatures on every dotted line across the world. With the digital behaviors inherent in a new generation of distributed teams, business partners and customers, these users like digital signatures because they are shared as easily across an ocean as across a desk. They can be applied and verified in one quick step, limiting lost time and allowing for easier collaboration.

CoSign, which was recognized by Forrester Research as “the strongest digital signature solution” (Forrester Wave: E-Signatures, Q2 2013), is available both on-premises and in the cloud. It can be used on any device to easily sign documents in Word, Excel, PDF and many other file types. CoSign’s scalable engine can be seamlessly integrated into any document-related workflow, application or service, so that complete control is retained over IT and business environments.

CoSign serves a horizontal need, satisfying digital signature requirements across any industry that requires signatures, and can be used anywhere a pen is currently used to sign paper. The company has a global reach with customers on 5 continents, and is particularly strong in the life science, engineering and federal/local government markets, as well as in industries such as healthcare, insurance, financial, human resources, and legal organizations.

As a worldwide market leader in digital signature solutions, ARX takes pride in maintaining an outstanding standard of products and excellent customer service in accordance with stringent QC and QA procedures. ARX has full ISO 9001:2000 qualification, signifying its commitment to continuous quality improvement, documentation, greater operational efficiency, and enhanced customer service. ARX is also compliant with the ISO 27001:2005 standards, proof of ARX’s adherence to the highest global standards of organizational information security including ongoing assessment of risks, business continuity, disaster recovery sites and other vital information security issues.